Pre-engagement Assessment

We believe the best results are achieved when there is a clear understanding of your goals. As a result, the planning phase of any engagement will set the schedule, scope, priorities and budget for the project. 

Prior to any g2G engagement, an extensive pre-engagement assessment is done to clearly define what you expect from us. This assessment is done for a nominal fee plus expenses and is non-binding. That is, you can choose to go further or not based on the results. 

Based on our experience the pre-engagement activities are designed to gain a broad understanding of your entire business.  This allows you and the g2G staff to review the big picture before focusing in on your priorities.  This puts your priorities in the context of your entire business, helping g2G understand why you selected them, and what is really important to your business’ success. 

The Pre-engagement activities include completing the pre-engagement questionnaire, a high level evaluation of the previous 2 years financial statements, and a marketing and management review which are all completed prior to g2G‘s visit.   During the on-site review g2G‘s goal is to confirm the initial findings, understand your direction, observe the business in action and may also include interviews with management, key staff, and small sampling of customers (when appropriate). 

The results of these steps will then be used for project planning and to set the project cost estimate for your approval.TEST

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