On-Site Activities

The time spent on-site at your business is, by far, the most productive for the g2G experts.  Almost without exception, observing and working with your staff will uncover opportunities to improve your business.

The g2G advantage is not being consumed by the daily requirements of the job.  With the g2G staff present in the business flow we can view things as they occur every day.  Our background has trained us to look at things from the customers’ point of view.  To hear the customers unmet needs – not just the item they want to purchase.  To see the stores traffic flow, the customers’ reaction to your retail display, or store’s cleanliness.

All across the country, in all business sizes, the g2G staff have experience detecting these opportunities and recommending appropriately sized solutions that respect the local market, are appropriately designed for your business size and are simple to implement.

Each engagement has unique needs and you will find the pool of g2G experts are prepared to handle them.

Here is a partial list of g2G expertise areas:

  • Business Financial Reviews
  • Business Planning and Performance Monitoring
  • Set up Your Financial Statement To Support both Business Improvement and Tax Reporting.
  • Complete Operation Reviews and Audits
  • Effective Customer Retention Programs
  • Employee Assessments and Training
  • Facility Floor Plan layout efficiency
  • Space Use and Display Efficiency
  • Automated Business Systems (Computer Systems)
    • Determine and Document your System Needs and Requirements
    • Assist in, or Manage, the Business System Purchase Evaluation
    • Assist in, or Manage,  the Implementation of a New System
  • Review Your Company’s­ Policy, Procedures and Work Flow to maximize your
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Business Reputation
    • Repeat Sales and Word-of-Mouth Sales
    • Profit
    • Position In The Market
    • Web Presence And Purpose
    • Inventory Investment
  • Create Simulations To Test “What If” Scenarios To Answer Your Business Questions.
  • Asset Purchase Evaluations
  • … and much more ! !

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