Forecasting and Simulations

Some client requests need to be evaluated before large investments or significant changes in policy and procedure are made.   If you are getting into a new area you need to have an idea of what to expect from the business, how soon the investment will pay for itself and will there be other changes required (from accounting, for instance)?

Each of these type of business questions are well suited to creation of a computer based simulation model.  These simulation models will allow you to answer specific business questions by changing aspects of the model and viewing how those changes impact the business results.

Each model is developed by g2G specifically for your business and will reflect how your business would react to a specific change.  For example, items like business size, gross profit or pricing policy, asset utilization, internal purchasing policy, and historic trends are just a few of the areas that can be accurately represented in this manner.

I have included an example of simulation results from an existing g2G client to answer questions like.

  • How much business is needed to increase the general managers pay by $30,000?
  • How does the profit change if the service volume increases by 20% ? or 30%? or 50%?
  • Considering the service volume increases above, include the increased parts sales and gross profit created.
  • If the technician’s efficiency increases by 20%, how would it impact profit?
  • At what point do I need to add more technicians?  How will adding a technician influence profit?
  • At what point can I add a benefit package for my employees while still maintaining the current profit level?

Simulations of this sort are very valuable for helping you make a decision from a group of choices.  They are also very powerful when used to establish expectations or set goals for a business change or investment.

Please contact g2G with your business situation and we’ll recommend the best way answer the question.  You can leave a request in the REPLY SECTION BELOW or by sending your request directly to

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