Reports, Findings and Recommendations

When you agree to allow g2G to work with your business, you will be actively involved in setting a schedule that will include check points and a completion estimate. You should expect g2G, or any supplier, to provide a detailed review at least monthly. When possible, the timing should correspond with the completion of significant project steps. Additionally, you and g2G should have established a method to communicate unexpected items immediately if they present significant opportunity or risk.

Here are a couple of excerpts from an existing client’s study.  g2G completed their web site study in early 2010.  In this situation, the client was considering expanding his website and adding on-line sales to compete with some of the lower priced, discount retailers.

At first we looked at the overall market position and key attributes of his business, the resources available to support this activity, and how we should use the site.  This is the most important part of the planning.  Many times without an outside viewpoint, you will sucome to your emotions and follow a short term path that will be destructive, not to mention costly, to the long term results.

So, after significant analysis and discussion, here’s what we agreed were the company’s Internet Strategy and web-site priorities.   (partial example only)

Setting the Overall Strategy allows good decision making

Then, using this and many other analysis points, we gained an understanding of the current situation

Understanding the current performance

Next, competitive sites that were trying to achieve the same goals were evaluated for what to do (the good) and NOT to do (the bad).    Here’s an example of a Competitive Site that does a good job of building their brand and how & why they prioritized the key points the customers needed to hear.  (it’s not the business bragging)

Focus on the Customer Needs First

As a result of the work done by g2G the web site direction was set.  It prioritized building the brand image of this business as the first area to be addressed.

Additionally, sales and pricing policy was established for the companies Internet business and a 3 year plan was developed for the company’s web site functional additions.

New Functions were determine and additions planned
Further examples are provided in the Resources Post page

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