What to Expect?

We believe the best results are achieved when there is a clear understanding of your goals and how we’re going to achieve them.  g2G achieves this understanding by using a structured approach which includes the following steps.

Pre-engagement AssessmentPrior to any g2G engagement, an extensive pre-engagement assessment is done to clearly define what you expect from us.  This assessment is done for a nominal fee and expenses and is non-binding.  That is, you can choose to go further or not based on the results.

On-site activities – The actions performed will vary based on the engagement goals.  However, g2G feels very strongly that observing, or conducting the daily business as you and your employees would is the best way to understand how you really do business.  Typically this will lead to discovery of opportunities that may otherwise have been lost in the day to day activities.

Reports, Findings, and Recommendations At each check point and at the conclusion of the project, you will receive a written report documenting the findings, recommendations, and how and when to follow up to assess the progress.   g2G carefully considers your specific  business situation when making it’s recommendations to ensure they are real world actions that are size and budget appropriate.  These reports may include the training or skills requirements for your staff and how to execute them.

Computer Based Forecasts or Simulations– Many engagements include forecasts or simulations to test a theory or forecast future sales or financial return (ROI).  As a client of g2G, the computer based simulations created during our engagement will be made available to you for your company’s future use.  In today’s dynamic environment, using these tools will allow you to check your progress and make adjustments to your plan if the environment has changed.

Each step is detailed further by clicking the titles above or using the Site Links at the right.

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