g2G is different !

VALUESg2G is built on our golden rule; Take care of the customer first.  Over and over, we have seen companies that truly put the customers as their highest priority reap the benefits of their efforts – many times over.   g2G applies this thinking in it’s interaction with you and in our approach to improving your business.

g2G has passion for what we do, pride in the quality of our work and loyalty to those we do it for.  You will get the highest quality service from g2G and you will never find us walking away from a client.   In fact, it is more likely that you will find g2G following up with you long after the formal engagement is completed.

EXPERIENCE – While our competition is trying to develop an approach from something they read in a book, the g2G associates wrote the book.  Literally ! 

g2G’s core staff is made up of seasoned, experienced, staff who have been part of the management team that lead American Honda Motor Co. Inc. from an entrepreneurial motorcycle company to the highly regarded multi-product powerhouse company that Honda is today.   g2G‘s consultants come with extensive multi-discipline backgrounds which we match to your needs. 

PRICING – If you have ever used a competitors consulting firm you know that for them It’s all about billable hours and training their new consultants.  What you typically get from them is the least experienced staff for the highest possible cost.

g2G is different! -In fact, g2G is just the opposite.    g2G‘s consultants come with extensive experience but because our experts have chosen to leave the the corporate world early and the way we have structured the company, g2G can offer some of the lowest rates around.

GUARENTEE – A word you NEVER hear from other consulting firms !  But g2G is different !   g2G‘s confidence in our work sets us apart. 

If you require this level of piece of mind just bring it to the attention of your g2G staff during the pre-engagement assessment (prior to finalizing the statement of work).  We are open to many different approaches.  From gain sharing to an outright guarantee – anything is possible!  That’s how confident we are. 

If you have any questions for g2G, please use the REPLY SECTION BELOW.

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  1. admin says:

    how can you offer anything like this and a guarentee to boot

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