Financial Performance Monitoring

You’ve established your goals, reviewed them with your other staff members, everyone knows what they have to do, and you can feel the change occurring.

But is it?    If it’s not working, how soon will you know?  and what will you do about it?

As important as all of the steps above are, making sure you have a way to measure your progress is the tool that will truly ensure success.

g2G can assist you as much or as little as you need.  Some examples of our services are.

Automated Progress Reporting – In many cases the progress you’re expecting can be viewed from information provided by your companies Business Management System.  g2G can work with your system provider to have the information created from your internal system.

Periodic Progress Reviews – Depending on your companies needs, g2G will perform periodic reviews of your plans and progress.  This can be done passively off-site by reviewing the resulting reports and recommending actions to the on-site management. Additionally, g2G can provide detailed on-site support for any particularly tough problem area as you require.

Active Progress Managementg2G can also engage fully with your staff to manage the change while providing training to your staff.   As you know the long term success must be managed by your staff, so this service should be viewed as a temporary measure to develop your staff or respond to a specific situation.

From the moment g2G engages with your business we share your enthusiasm for the results and will be happy to entertain any ideas you may have to be successful.  So be sure to address your needs with your g2G consultant at any time.

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