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This BLOG page is a duplicate of our static web page. It’s our hope that you can use this forum to ask any questions you may have about g2G in a format that everyone will benefit from.   If you want to know more about g2G, please fill out the Reply Section below

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In our world, g2G is shorthand for “Good to Great”.   From experience, we know many businesses can be good at what they do – but only a few can truly become great.   Becoming a great company is rarely done in one big step; rather it is an on-going series of smaller, but focused actions that allow a business to achieve and sustain it’s greatness.

The drive to continuously improve your business must begin with the business owner and management.  However, our experience shows this desire often needs to be augmented with additional knowledge or skills that may not exist in your current business structure.  This is where g2G can bring exceptional value to your business. We are able to get and keep your business on track.  Our experience will keep your plans within the appropriate scale and budget for your business size, simultaneously helping you avoid many of the mistakes others have made before you.

g2G is a very special organization literally built from the ashes of the late 2000’s financial crisis.    While many top 50 companies were offering early retirement packages or pink slips to reduce their expenses, Jack Gray realized the potential of these human resources and g2G, as well as it’s sister organization, SilverWingz were born.

g2G is an organization of industry leading experts with passion for their work and literally 100’s of combined years experience in the wholesale and retail marketplace. Even with this extensive experience, our services are able to be offered at a far lower cost than typical consulting practices due to the flexible arrangements of our consultants.

While our primary expertise has its roots in the Auto, Powersports, Power Equipment, and vehicle service and parts industries our depth of experience does not limit us to this arena.  Other areas of concentration include Logistics, Warehousing and Transportation, Training, Marketing, Information Systems and Strategic Planning to name a few.  

If you would like to know more about g2G, please fill out the Reply Section below or send an email to

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